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Along with an array of unlimited, complimentary items such as coffee, soft drinks, fruit, and selected snacks, included in the price of every entry is a credit to put toward the cost of items from the Airspace Lounge premium menu and bar.  

The credit is always more than enough to pay for your choice of items such as a sandwich, salad, or hot breakfast sandwich.  Or, if you’d like a drink from our bar instead, the credit is also more than enough to pay for a choice of beer, wine or spirits from the Airspace Lounge bar.

Croissant with swiss cheese

The Airspace Lounge food offering

Customers’ expectations in most of the airport lounges in the US domestic market is for a forever-more creative approach to dressing up snack-mix.

Fortunately, Airspace Lounge has taken a different approach.  Airspace has taken the time to carefully craft a menu that is far beyond your expectations for an airport lounge with selections such as a hot breakfast sandwich and a charcuterie plate complete with cornichons and dijon mustard.  

Our food is plated for you on china by the Airspace team or packed to-go if you prefer.  Airspace has priced most of our premium food items to be less than the credit you receive at entry to ensure that those that are hungry can have a great bite to eat without having to spend more than the cost of entry.

Peets coffee mug

Beverages at Airspace Lounge

No matter what kind of beverages our customers are in the mood to drink, we know that they like to drink quality products.  Yes, our bar is stocked with the beers & spirits that you know well and also some that we’ve hand-chosen to introduce you to, and yes we offer a strong selection of wine; but even our water and coffee is chosen carefully.  We offer Coffee and Tea, served in large high-quality mugs.  We offer real cream, not packets of creamer.  

Our bar was designed especially for the airport customer with extra-wide tops to fit a drink and a laptop along with outlets at every bar seat.  We all need to power up before our flight and that shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a glass of wine at the bar. 

The Airspace Lounge Wine Bar

Every element of the wine experience has been attended to in Airspace’s attempt to make our airport lounges an ideal wine tasting environment.  We’ve chosen the wines with care; spanning different geographies and different price points.  Each selection is offered by the glass or in small formats.  Every wine glass that we use to serve our wine is made of fine German crystal.  We’ve even made the prices accessible; and they’re even more accessible if you were to use your entry credit toward the purchase of one of these selections.  Click on the menus to see an example of the Airspace Wine Bar offering.

Selection of wines

Spirits and beer selection

We take beer seriously at Airspace Lounge.  Our team has traveled the world tasting beer and we make every effort to bring those experiences back to our lounges in addition to a selection of beers that are native to each lounge location.

Airspace’s spirit selection includes all of the brand names that our customers call for; but we also dig  deeper and add a selection or two of the newest, handcrafted spirits that you might not have heard about.  We also pay close attention to our mixers.   While any drink is available with our standard tonic and club soda selection, we also offer premium mixers to elevate the cocktail experience.  Our selection of featured cocktails is listed on our menu and includes classics like a bloody mary using a house-made mix and the Airspace Ultimate Martini, and also explores flavors less traveled such as our Pineapple Morning Martini complete with Italian Luxardo Maraschino Cherries.