Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to fly a certain airline or do I need to be flying first class to enter?

No, we are open to everyone regardless of the airline or class of service flown.  

2. How much does it cost to enter the lounge for one day?

Entry into our lounges start as low as $20 and that price can fluctuate depending on how busy the lounge is.

3. Why do day pass prices fluctuate?

We alter our prices from time to time throughout the day to ensure that we maintain the ambiance that makes our lounge attractive to our customers.

4. Do you offer memberships?

We offer daily memberships and unlimited annual complimentary entry can be accessed through our partners.

5. Which American Express Platinum and Centurion Cards do you accept for complimentary entry?

We permit complimentary entry with any American Express Platinum and Centurion Card that has the Airport Lounge Access Program as a benefit; please click this link for more information and the terms and conditions. 

6. I have an American Express Platinum Card; can I enter the lounge free of charge? Am I allowed to bring in guests? If so, do we all get the same complimentary offering as other guests?

Yes, yes and yes. For those cards that have the lounge collection program as a benefit, American Express Platinum and Centurion Card members and up to two guests are permitted in the lounge free of charge and each entrant enjoys the same complimentary offerings as other Airspace Lounge guests.

See additional terms and conditions here.

7. Do you accept cash?

No, we only accept credit cards throughout the lounge.

8. Are children permitted in the lounge?

Yes, children of any age are permitted although children over two are subject to the same entry rates as every other customer.

9. My flight leaves very early; will you be open before 6am?

Yes, our lounges are open at least 40 minutes prior to the first departure of the day on the concourses where the lounge is located.

10. What is included in the price?

Besides the ability to wait for your flight in our lounges, you will also be entitled to our:

Food and Beverage Offering:

  • Complimentary selected alcoholic beverages
  • Complimentary snacks are offered throughout the day
  • Complimentary Peet’s Coffee and Tea 
  • Complimentary Coke soft drinks


  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • Complimentary access to our onsite computers and business technology, including printing and scanning
  • An electric outlet at every seat, including the bar


  • In-lounge restrooms in most lounges
  • Complimentary showers in select markets
  • Comfortable seating
  • Full-bar 
  • A business area dedicated to those that need to catch up on work

11. Can I come into Airspace Lounge if I am arriving (not only departing)?


12. If I have a trip that leaves early in the morning and arrives late the same day will I have to pay twice?

Your entry entitles you to re-enter at any time as many times as you’d like at any Airspace Lounge during the same calendar day.

When re-entering, just present your Airspace Lounge receipt that was issued to you at entry. The prevailing entry price at the time of re-entry will have no effect on the price charged earlier for your entry.  

13. Do you have Internet access?

Yes, our wireless Internet is separate from the airport's access and it is free of charge. We also have Internet-enabled computers available free of charge.

14. Please tell me more about your technology offering.

Our technology offering includes:

  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • Complimentary access to our computers onsite
  • An electrical outlet at every seat, including the bar
  • Complimentary printing and scanning

15. What credit cards do you accept for payment?

All major credit cards are accepted.  All sales are final.

16. My airline offers complimentary access to Airspace Lounge, what do I need to present for entry and what's included?

Some of our airline partners offer complimentary access to Airspace Lounge.  Please check the specific Airspace Lounge location page for access information.

17. Can I reserve a meeting space?

Yes, contact us here or call the location to reserve a private or semi-private meeting space.  The space can be reserved for a flat fee of $50 plus the cost of entry.  Each entrant will receive all of the benefits afforded to any Airspace Lounge customer.

18. Can you send me a list of the music that you play at the Airspace?

Yes, we're pleased that our customers like the music we have selected and would be glad to send along the list.  The music varies from lounge-to-lounge and by day-of-week and hour-of-day. Contact us here and specify which lounge and day-of week and we'd be glad to send you the list of the music we're playing.